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  • Farmer’s Best Education Program

    Farmer’s Best aims to create a community of support for our entire team and their families. Our goal is to ensure the children of our employees are taken care of and educated in a comfortable and safe environment, therefore, we welcome all our employees’ children to participate in our education programs. The schools and daycare centers we provide are available to these children while their parents are working in our facilities and fields. The school program begins in October and ends in June each year. 

  • Squash Program

    An exciting time is approaching for Farmer’s Best and its clients: squash season! Since December, Farmer’s Best has been working on preparing for the spring season, which begins with squash in late February. Farmer’s Best offers Italian, gray and yellow squash, all often referred to as summer squash. Read on to follow the journey of these squash at Farmer’s Best.

  • What’s New in 2017

    Farmer’s Best has plans to make 2017 our best year yet! We are excited to announce new initiatives that will allow us to continue providing more of the fresh, delicious produce with the consistency and quality you have come to trust.

  • Gas Prices in Mexico

    The recent increase in gas prices in Mexico has raised concern for a number of customers that enjoy our fresh produce. As a company that respects and values open and honest communication with our employees and customers, we are happy to take this opportunity to give an update about this situation and dispel any concerns about orders.

  • Social Responsibility around the Holidays

    Happy holidays from the Farmer’s Best team! We are excited to celebrate with our family and employees this holiday season. As a company, we are committed to cultivating a positive relationship with all of our employees. Social responsibility is a large part of our overall performance and core belief. We are excited to share with you our recent social responsibility efforts to ensure our employees have a joyous holiday season.