Squash Season

| Squash Season

The fall squash season is fast approaching for Farmer’s Best. All three varieties of the summer squash will be available by the end of September, including the Italian, gray and yellow squash.

The journey begins in Culiacán, Mexico, where the squash are first planted in our protected greenhouses. Here, the plants are nurtured until they have matured enough to continue to their next step in the growing process.  After this initial growth in the greenhouses, the young plants are transported in crates carefully stacked in temperature-controlled trucks to our fields in Hermosillo on the west coast of Mexico. There, the squash will continue to grow and soak up sun until they are ready to be harvested. 

After harvesting, they’re on their way to the packing house. Our updated packing house in Agricola Don Roberto, located in Hermosillo, now includes longer packing lines, a longer cooling process and automatic box-building machines. These new processes have increased the productivity of packing Farmer’s Best squash, allowing us to ensure that an even better quality product is being more efficiently produced for Farmer’s Best customers. 

We are optimistic about the upcoming squash season for Farmer’s Best. With the plants looking particularly healthy, they are expected to meet and exceed our quality standards and grow to a perfect size to be carefully packaged in the well-known Farmer’s Best blue boxes.

To learn more about our squash, visit our webpage here. If you have any questions about Farmer’s Best, we encourage you to call us at (520) 281-1411, visit our website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.