Our Commitment to Food Safety

| Our Commitment to Food Safety

As one of Farmer’s Best’s four core commitments, food safety is an integral part of our farming, packing and distribution processes. It’s something that has become more refined over time. 

History proves that Farmer’s Best is an innovator, employing food safety best practices before they became common in the industry. 

Farmer’s Best has certifications in both Primus GFS and SENASICA. We have established procedures to reduce the risk of contamination and guarantee that our produce is handled in optimal sanitary conditions. Safety measures like these reduce the risk of physical, chemical and microbiological contamination. 

We have established procedures that ensure our fruits and vegetables are handled under the highest standards of food safety, starting with the thorough training of our employees. Every week, our workers are given training about topics like the risks of contamination as well as good agricultural and manufacturing practices.

In the fields, our produce meets food safety requirements and is harvested and transported to the packing houses in sanitized containers. Once the produce arrives, it goes through an initial disinfection process. Our packing house operations receive a rigorous evaluation to assure optimal conditions before our produce is cleaned, selected and packaged. Once the produce is ready to be shipped to Nogales, Arizona and McAllen, Texas, it is packed in containers which meet all of our food safety requirements. 

With trace-back capabilities, our customers will always know the origin and date their shipments were received, including details about how the product was grown, packaged and shipped. This is one of the many reasons why consumers trust Farmer’s Best. 

To learn more about our commitment to food safety, visit our webpage here. If you have any questions about Farmer’s Best or our food safety practices, we encourage you to call us at

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